New Video: Horse Of Troja – Leaving (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

This is one of the band´s favourite songs. The lyrics is about letting go and leave your safe world behind, which all of us restless souls probably can relate to. It is like when you reach a point where you simply have to make a change – and you go for it!

The composition consists of a couple of different sections that actually fit together really nice: The main riff that runs as intro and also serves as foundation for the chorus part is quite agressive, with a not so common 6/4-time signature, the verse section modulates to a major key, and in the pre-chorus the rythm drops to half-time, building up again towards the main riff.

After the second chorus, we again take it down to half-time for the instrumental part and guitar-solo, starting with a chord-progression probably recognisable to all neoclassical-heads with a sequence of intermediate dominants finally releasing back into E-minor.

The inspiration for the song probably came a lot from the progressive rockbands of the 70-80s,  with an essence of Yngwie-harmonies put in there when reaching the solo-section. But most and foremost, it is a piece trying to communicate the energy that stems from transition of any kind, for those daring to take a step towards the unknown.
Hope you like the song as much as we do!

Horse of Troja (Sweden – Hard Rock)