Newcastle’s Heavy Metal Rising Stars Where The Devil just dropped their crushing new single ‘Misery’. Incorporating influences such as Deftones, Hellyeah, Drowning Pool and Stone Sour, their latest offering is a powerful down-tuned brooding composition peppered with catchy melodies, savage riffs and atmospheric interludes.

Taking a more melodic approach, ‘Misery’ highlights the dynamic side of Where The Devil, whilst maintaining their signature infusion of thrash and heavy metal with pensive and dark undertones. Featuring rhythmically sophisticated guitar work complemented by tasteful lead lines, this audible manifesto is underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves. The words ‘I Fly Away From Your Misery’  become tactic and anthemic as the syncopated instrumentation bolsters Ben Pennifold’s emotive vocal delivery leaving the listener wanting more

Guitarist Ben Hosking on the new track ‘Misery is definitely what I would call our most accessible track so far. Even out of the other singles still to come and the new material we have underway, it is slower, more melodic and maybe… ‘hooky’?We’re really hoping that it connects with people. It actually pre-dates Where the Devil. I had the song mostly together when I was jamming with a couple of other guys. The working title was ‘Deftonesy’, which was the vibe or inspiration I had when the main riff came to me. More early Deftones, say, Around the Fur/White Pony era – which is my favourite (and Rachel’s!). Although as you hear it now, the song has undergone some decent changes from the original and the inclusion of Ben’s lyrics and vocals mixes things up again and I hope that the end result is more ‘Where the Devil’ than Deftones’

Coming off successful singles such as ‘Beast’ and ‘Moments of Tangency’ which reached #1 on Triple J Unearthed Metal Chart, Where The Devil have proven to be one of Australia’s finest Heavy Metal exports. Now with the release of ‘Misery’ and more new music in the works Where The Devil showing no signs of slowing down in 2021!



Disturbingly Good


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