Newfoundland Black Metal Duo Artach Lyric Video “Tuiteam an Duine”

Newfoundland Black Metal Duo Artach Lyric Video “Tuiteam an Duine” Off New Album “Sworn to Avenge”

New Album “Sworn to Avenge” Out Now! via Depressive Illusions Records

Coming from the coldest, windiest, snowiest, and foggiest city in Canada, St. John’s, Newfoundland’s Artach is heavily influenced by nature and even takes after the bleak climate they are surrounded by. The result of months of winter provides inspiration for their raw, epic black metal that is in their new album “Sworn to Avenge”, which was recently unleashed this past June via Depressive Illusions Records.

Today the band presents their latest lyric video for their opening track Tuiteam an Duine via its premiere on ThisIsBlackMetal‘s YouTube channel HERE.

The band adds about the song:

“This one kicks off the album, it’s immediate. It blasts then calms, the savagery, then the relative calmness. We wanted to have an opener that was somewhat in line with the opener on our debut, which is an often mentioned favourite from the first album. The song lyrics are about how humankind overall views themselves atop the food and intelligence chain. We are not. And this will be our undoing. We didn’t want the lyrics to be preachy so the ideas are not meant to pound you over the head totally. The title “Tuiteam an Duine” translates to the fall of man.”

“Sworn to Avenge” is the second album from Artach, following up 2020’s “Chronicles of a Black Winter”. Fans can expect more of the same compared to the first, but it pushes the envelope a little bit. Artach embraces evolution and aspire to play tighter, and have a more professional sound, but never sound overly polished. 

Artach’s process is a collaborative one between the duo, the genesis of the songs are arranged on guitar by Sruthán and very roughly recorded at home. After getting together, they record drums and flesh out the song in an afternoon and by then the song is pretty much ready for the studio recording of guitars, then bass, and lastly vocals. 

Artach is recommended listening for anyone interested in raw black metal and those with an interest in Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, and Satyricon.

“Sworn to Avenge” is available via Depressive Illusions at the following links: DepressiveIllusions.comArtach.bandcamp.comAmazonSpotify.

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Track Listing:
1. Tuiteam an Duine (7:08)
2. Ice Throne (5:09)
3. Shimmer (6:35)
4. Endless Tundra (21:35)
5. Into the Frozen Woodlands (4:49)
6. She Gathers Leaves (5:25)
7. Mistress of Black Thorns (6:24)
8. Winter’s End (8:14)
Album Length: 1:05:23

Album Band Line Up:
Fíochmhar: Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Sruthán: Guitar, Bass

For more info:

Artach is a two-man black metal band (Sruthán: Guitar/Bass, Fíochmhar: Battery/Vokills/Keys)based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Being from the foggiest, snowiest, wettest, windiest, and gloomiest capital city in Canada, one should not be surprised that this fuels the creation of Black Metal. Their inspiration comes from the land, nature, the bleak weather of the Canadian North, and influential black metal bands.

Since the duo’s formation in the spring of 2019, Artach has been consistently releasing new music. The band’s debut album “Chronicles of a Black Winter” was released digitally during February 2020 and later unleashed on physical CD by Depressive Illusions Records. The full length contained 9 songs of extreme, harsh, and haunting sounds, which included a cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Jewel Throne’.

Now in 2021, the band returns with their next offering “Sworn To Avenge”, a full-length scourge of raw and relentless bruting gloom. From the calming blasts and savagery of album opener “Tuiteam an Duine” to the ingrained black metal blast beats, and headbanging riffage on “Shimmer” to the 20-minute exploration for the epic “Endless Tundra” about the doomed Franklin expedition of 1846 to the Immortal-esque riffing and unorthodox exorcism of album closer “Winter’s End”, Artach delivers a 65-minute cold deliverance of their surroundings.

The band adds:

“The music on ‘Sworn To Avenge’ is a frigid mixture of topics about nature and how it meets and interacts with the darkness of humankind. The desolation of the world, the planet, and the repeated failure of society to evolve to a place where we are a part of nature and not brutish subjugators of everything in our path… these are all themes described throughout many songs. The music is angry, savage, unhinged, but contains melody and some twists and turns to surprise the listener. Varied song tempos mixing blasting with thrashy, punky, doomy elements keep the sounds interesting and not monotone. Song structures often vary and we never limit a song to a certain length. We indulge and have them be as long, or as short as we think feels right.”

“Sworn To Avenge” will be available digitally from Artach along with CD and cassette via Depressive Illusions Records on June 25, 2021.

“The song (She Gathers Leaves) is a thrill-ride, but also reveals elements of gothic witchiness. The raw vocals are caught up in a paroxysm of fierce, crazed adoration, venting cold-blooded roars as well as braying, throat-stripping howls and cut-throat screams. The full-throttle drumming is tumultuous, a changing array that hammers, gallops, rocks, thunders, and blasts. Urgently rising chords provide a recurring theme, surrounded by flame-throwing riffs that dart, pulsate, and spasm, drawing on elements of thrash and classic heavy metal as well as black metal. Ecstatically swirling leads further add to the wildness of the song. A mood of mystery does surface in the track’s brief intro, and that mood surfaces again in the song’s back half, leading into a necromantic guitar solo that takes flight in scintillating fashion.” – No Clean Singing

“check out Artach for a truly epic journey into the wildernesses that populate the dark fantasy land conjured through their excellent music. This sophomore album tells me that this is a band that will be releasing much good material for years to come and will soon be headlining the epic black metal stages or charts both online and at festivals. An excellent job all round.” – Metal Rules

“”Sworn to Avenge is a mind-assaulting record… You’ll hear the influences of classic black metal bands like Venom, early-Bathory as well as elements of the second wave; Immortal, Darkthrone etc. Ugly and uninviting stuff but very satisfying if you enjoy the gloomier side of metal… It’s a mammoth listen and does take its toll, but the array of ideas that Artach showcase does keep things interesting. An hour slips by, the cold has sunk deep into the bones and you’ll be left wondering if you’ll ever be warm again.” – Games, Brrraaains And A Head-Banging Life

“Very melodic black metal, yet aggressive and heavy with undeniable influences from plain old straightforward heavy metal, so while things are definitely “black metal”, there’s a lot of discipline at play and this is definitely not your average raw, chaotic black metal. There’s order to the chaos on Sworn to Avenge, but that doesn’t prevent it from being aggressive and sometimes kind of depressing and melancholic despite not descending into the slower playing usually associated with those stylings. It’s a rollercoaster of “fuck yeah!” and “kill me now” (in sort of a good way).” – The Metal Crypt

“Now for some blackened thrash from Canada’s Artach, a band with an unusual take on the genre and a very unique sound. The good news is that if you’re a thrash fan you’re going to like this album. The even better news is that if you’re a blackened thrash fan you’re going to love this album. All of your favourite elements are present, plenty of riffs, a great blend between groove, rawness and aggression and raw, high energy vocals. There is something for everyone here which is why I can see the album having a broad appeal.” – Cavedweller Music