Newfoundland Duo ARTACH Put A Black Metal Tinge On Industrial w/ New Video “Frozen Factory”
New EP “Sgrios” Out July 2024

From the frost-bitten depths of Newfoundland, Canada, black metal duo ARTACH return this summer to present their experimental side with their latest EP “Sgrios” out this July 2024, which will later be followed by a third full-length this coming Fall (to be released on vinyl via Adirondack Black Mass), and will once again feature their signature sound.

The upcoming EP “Sgrios” might surprise some listeners as the band took on an experimental direction to incorporate more industrial metal sounds. Bands like Rammstein, Fear Factory, and Pain for example. However, it’s still them and still has all the elements from their previous releases.

For the “Sgrios” EP, the black metal spin on industrial metal is a mash of styles that the duo hadn’t heard much of and felt was something fresh and original.

“Not a ton of Black Metal bands will have Rammstein-esque synth guitar sounds, tremolo-picked riffs, and harsh black metal vocals. We talked about doing this “industrial-styled” 4 song EP to keep active and experiment ahead of the release of our 3rd full-length in the fall of 2024. At first, we thought about calling it a different project name, but quickly realized we could and would make it close enough to the Artach style to keep the name. You will hear industrial metal through the Artach blackened-thrash lens.” adds Sruthán (Guitar/Bass).

Lyrically, the topics explored on the “Sgrios” EP cover technology, apocalyptic themes, and some tongue-in-cheek suggestive topics (‘Sgrios” translates to English as destroy, ruin, ravage, annihilate, etc.). The “Sgrios” cover artwork has the duo in robot form in a frozen industrial wasteland. It fits with the lyrical topics for the EP perfectly.

Today, the band shares their lead single off the EP entitled “Frozen Factory”, a track about environmental collapse due to greed.

“We chose this one as it serves as a bridge between what you’ve come to know Artach for and the other songs on the EP. It was the last song written for this EP. When we were doing the others, which had more synth-sounding guitars etc, we thought we needed something heavier so taking inspiration from some bands like Fear Factory, etc we crafted an Artach take on that side of industrial metal.” saysSruthán (Guitar/Bass)

Due out on July 6th, 2024, “Sgrios” is available for pre-order at

Track Listing
1. Frozen Factory – 3:00
2. The Black Hole – 3:32
3. Super-Cybernetic – 3:18
4. Atomic Cabaret – 3:04
EP Length: 12:55

EP Credits:
All songs performed, written, produced, mixed and mastered by Artach.
Album cover art by Inneal and Artach.

Artach are:
Fíochmhar: Drums/Vocals
Sruthán: Guitar/Bass

For more info:


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