NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI Reveal Story Behind Second Single ‘Valtameri’, Out Today!

NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI Reveal Story Behind the Second Single ‘Valtameri’, Out Today!

NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI is a band that plays progressive metal music, combining impactful riffs, catchy vocal melodies, and a vivid atmosphere that all come together in long and winding structures. The band’s Finnish-language lyrics deal with fundamental questions of the human mind and represent a wide range of emotions, forming a clear whole.

The band’s new single ‘Valtameri’, is released today, on May 5th. The single is a multi-part composition that progresses like a story, and its lyrics deal with confronting difficult emotions and letting go of them and it deals with letting go of difficult emotions, releasing oneself, and the deeper nature of the self from a meditative and Jungian perspective. Musically, the song grows to massive proportions and includes numerous different parts, forming a musical story. The song’s atmosphere has also been the inspiration for the lyrics.

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Nuutti tells the story behind the single:
“Valtameri speaks about how difficult it is to confront old traumas face to face, and how, despite the fear, facing them can be the best thing a person can do for themselves.
The lyrics of the song ask: can I let go of this battle against the past? What happens if I let this part of myself die?

The inspiration for the lyrics came from my personal exploration of the shadow self introduced by Carl Jung, as well as the merging of these analytical thoughts into my own meditation practice, which has acted as a catalyst between the unconscious and conscious mind.

The lyrics also address the nature of the human self. Is there a permanent self, or is it an optical illusion that disappears upon closer examination? However, we cannot act without our own personality, and in every moment, we choose consciously or unconsciously a perspective through which we view the world. This labyrinth of perspectives is the foundation upon which humanity is built, and it has no beginning or end.

The composition of the song came about when I discovered an interesting chord on my guitar and combined it with a pattern that follows a 23/8 time signature. This pattern, which appears at the beginning of the song, evoked a unique marine atmosphere that complemented the composition.

The structure of the song is meandering and reflects the ocean, which is sometimes calm, but at other times is caught in a violent storm. After the storm, however, the ocean returns to tranquility.”

In addition to the band leader Nuutti Hannula, the band includes keyboardist Ilari Hannula and guitarist Matias Lehtoranta, who also handles the band’s mixing and mastering.

Nuutti Hannula Radianssi line-up:
Nuutti Hannula: Drums, vocals, rhythm guitar and bass
Ilari Hannula: Keyboard
Matias Lehtoranta: rhythm guitar and solo guitar

‘Valtameri’ -credits:
Composition and lyrics: Nuutti Hannula
Arrangement: Nuutti Hannula Radianssi
Producers: Matias Lehtoranta, Ilari Hannula, Janne Väätämöinen and Nuutti Hannula
Mixing and mastering: Matias Lehtoranta
Drum recording: Rosku Lohineva (Sonic pump studios)
Guitar, bass and vocal recording: Matias Lehtoranta
Sound engineering: Matias Lehtoranta
Keyboard recording: Ilari Hannula and Nuutti Hannula
Promopics: Sanna Solanterä
Cover art and logo: Petri Lampela

On December 2nd 2022, NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI released their first single ‘Kahden Maailman Rajalla’ to major digital platforms. The song is a combination of progressive metal with Finnish lyrics, based on Ukraine war and the feelings what Nuutti had when he first time heard about the Russian attack. 

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NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI is a new band of former Fireproven drummer and composer Nuutti Hannula. The other members of the band are former Fireproven keyboard player Ilari Hannula and guitarist Matias Lehtoranta.

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