OCEANS ON ORION’s new single released on May 20th feat.special guest

Oceans on Orion drops new single Weaponized Misery ft. Ran Yerushalmi (Walkways) on May 20th!

Featuring Walkways frontman, Ran Yerushalmi, Weaponized Misery is a powerful duet unpacking the polarising tension of living through constant conflict. In a misshapen mirror image of the political dynamics of the day, the two singers square off to the thunderous beat of the song’s heavy rhythm section They exchange accusations and denounce the others’ narrative. In the end, there is no resolution, only the unified march and suffering of those condemned to live under these circumstances. 

About Oceans on Orion

Oceans on Orion is a Modern Metal band from Tel Aviv, delivering a unique blend of metalcore-inspired riffing, 80’s golden era vocal harmonies, solid songwriting, and powerful lead vocals. Known for their energetic live performances and video productions. Oceans are set to release multiple videos leading up to their debut album in the summer of 2022 (TBA). 

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