ONTBORG shares music video for new single “Steps Of Damnation”!

Melodic death metal act ONTBORG shares music video for new single “Steps Of Damnation”!

February 24th will see the release of “Following The Steps Of Damnation”, the sophomore studio album by melodic death metal act ONTBORG, which will be coming out via Swedish label Black Lion Records. After their debut “Within The Depths Of Oblivion” in 2019, the band wanted to consequently continue their chosen path, and once again refine the combination between melodies, aggressive HM2 guitar saws and black metal influences in their songs. On “Following The Steps Of Damnation” ONTBORG unite different, but characteristic style elements to something exciting, something new. If you already liked “Within The Depths Of Oblivion”, you will love “Following The Steps Of Damnation”!

In support of the soon to be released album, the band has shared a music video for the first single “Steps Of Damnation”. 

Ontborg comments:

Steps Of Damnation is the album’s opener, with which we want to demonstrate to the fans right away what they can expect from the album. The lyrics reflect the cover artwork, where you have to walk the path to another world after death.

01. Steps Of Damnation 
02. Purgatory
03. Echoes Of Time
04. Nightfall
05. To The North 
06. Underneath
07. I Am The Night
08. Ending Path
09. Old Mother Frost 
10. The Tower

“Following The Steps Of Damnation” will be coming out on February 24th via Black Lion Records and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

Lukas Flarer – Vocals, guitars 
Florian Reiner – Guitars 
Christoph Gufler – Bass 
Christoph Flarer – Drums

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