Out soon: Pure Obsessions & Red Nights New album : Let your obsessions run wild

Pure Obsessions & Red Nights
New album :
Let your obsessions run wild
Release date: April 22nd

The industrial rock / synth-pop project Pure Obsessions & Red Nights is back with a new album.

Philippe Deschemin says: “ This new opus is the beginning of a new musical cycle. After the Industrial Rock/Gothic Metal of the “Mr Strangler Trilogy”, the Alt-Rock/Goth/Postpunk of “We are the Stranglings”; I dived deep into my 80’s influences for this 100% synth-driven album.

I produced this new album using vintage Synths and equipment, wanted to have a very typical and warm sound.

I tried to create something between my 80’s influences (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Killing Joke…) and our Industrial-Gothic Rock.

Some 80’s vibes, Synthpop grooves, Retrowave ambiances with industrial rock energy…”.

In this new opus, Mr. Strangler is back.  The main character of the Mr Strangler Trilogy was sentenced to death in the final act: “No monsters in god eyes,  Act III”.

The former serial killer is back from the dead. But in this new opus, he is more a shade, a spirit in the night than a real person.

Half alive half dead, Mr. Strangler haunts the nights and helps people in despair.
As a guide in the night,  teaching you how to live, how to fight when you think that all hope is gone…

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Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/yxu4ta5q
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