Outer Battery Records to Release Faith – “Live at CBGB’s” September 19th

Outer Battery Records is pleased announce the release of “Live From CBGB’s” a blistering live set from DC Hardcore legends Faith! Recorded live in December, 1981 at CBGB’s opening these were the show when Faith opened for the Bad Brains.
The LP is scheduled for release September 18th and is available for pre-order HERE.

Recently Faith had a chance to speak to Brooklyn Vegan about the release of their groundbreaking 1981 performance. Check out an exclusive interview and premiere of the track “It’s Time,” HERE, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.
All photos were taken by Glen E Friedman, who has done album covers for the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and many more. The package also comes with detailed liner notes from the band.

The band comments on the show and the release:
“Only our third show and we’re playing with Bad Brains at CBGB’s. Us? Really? So cool and unexpected. Yes, we’re raw and, frankly, fuck up, but that rawness also reflects the four of us going all out, emotions and adrenaline ruling the stage. And now that night’s out on vinyl? Also very cool — and even more unexpected.”
Guy Piciotto from Fugazi traveled with the band to NY for the show and had this to say…
” ‘Faith‘ were one of the best live bands DC ever produced. Having been there, I can confidently say that their show with the Bad Brains at CBGB’s was the best concert happening anywhere on planet earth that night, nothing else could have come close, says Fugazi member Guy Piciotto who traveled with the band to NYC for the show.
Live at CBGB’s Tracklisting:
Side 11. It’s Time2. Another Victim3. What’s Wrong With Me4. Confusion5. No Choice6. In the Black7. You’re X’ed8. Trapped9. Nightmare10. In Control11. Stepping Stone12. Don’t Tell Me13. Outlet
Side 2:1. You’re X’ed2. Trapped3. In Control4. Nightmare5. Don’t Tell Me6. Stepping Stone7. It’s Time8. Another Victim9. What’s Wrong With Me10. Confusion11. No Choice12. In the Black
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