P1: Navia the new Ep of Dakuri (Symphonic/ Progressive metal band from Mexico City)

Dakuri is a symphonic/progressive metal band from Mexico City, founded in 2019 by Itzi Guadiana (vocals) and Alex Rojo (drums), in order to tell a new story inspired by fantastic worlds, later finding David Macías (bass), and Draven Belmönt (lead guitar), with whom they could share their passion for music and magic.

With 2 years of experience they have released 5 singles. In addition to 1 acoustic EP born from the pandemic with recognized guests on the scene: “Dakuri & Friends”. Dakuri has participated in face-to-face events in places such as Boxer Club, Comandancia Metal and Sarina Gastroteca; as well as online events like Theory Of The Bleeding Strings 3, Moshpit fest and at Buck Fest.

Currently Dakuri is about to release “Pt. 1: Navia”, the first part of their debut album, “Into A New Universe”, this June 24, 2022, the same date on which the first edition of Navia Fest will take place together with talents from the metal scene Mexican like Aryem, Inoxia, etc.

Dakuri invites all people from all over the world to discover together with his characters a magical adventure full of incredible creatures in this distant universe called Navia.

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Profile of Pt. 1: Navia for the media.

About the EP, Pt. 1: Navia

Pt. 1: Navia is the first part of our debut album, which is completely conceptual. This first part introduces us to the wonderful Navia universe, where loves, heartbreaks, intergalactic wars, prophecies of the Gods of death occur and where each planet overflows with magic.

The EP will be available on all digital platforms this June 24th, and is already available on our Patreon page.

This first part has 4 songs and each one talks about an important event in this universe. These songs are:

nto New Universe: Instrumental song in which the listener is introduced to the magical universe of Navia.

The Rules: In Navia there are 5 brother Gods, who spent an eternity without purpose, at least until Áletzi, the oldest and wisest of the brothers, discovered another universe and decided together with his brothers to make a planet each. The song talks about how the 5 brother Gods find their purpose when deciding to make a planet, and the rules governing said process are dictated. The Great War: After a long time of peace, harmony, and development, the inhabitants of Numya manage to travel to the neighboring planet, Trevannia. At first the interaction was peaceful between both planets, but the abysmal difference in ideologies of both peoples and the God of each planet led to an intergalactic war. – The lyrics of the song is a talk between the two God brothers, who not only broke one of the rules,

Soneria Falls: Last song of the EP, in which Dakuri and Lyusy are introduced, two inhabitants of Soneria who have an impossible love. The adventure of these lovers is interrupted by the imminent destruction of his world, since the ruler of another kingdom, known as The Mad King, hunted until almost extinct the creatures that maintained the balance of his world. Lyusy’s love for Dakuri is reflected in the lyrics, deciding to spend her last moments with her in love with her.

This is a brief review of the EP and each song, but we have more about the story on our social media, and full write-ups about the universe on our Patreon.

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