Pankhurst: on line “Taking Me Home”

The new single and video “Taking Me Home” by punk rock band Pankhurst is online. 

The track is taken from the third EP “Out Of The Kingdom” due out on March 8. This track was made together with Producer Frank Morri of Sheratan Records who injects an unprecedented opening of guitars into the track bringing in post-punk a track that is accompanied by a video.

“Pankhurst decided to name themselves after the feminists who fought for women’s rights at the beginning of the 20th century. A history of women in struggle, a history marked by suffering and loneliness culminating in women inning the right to vote in early 20th century Britain: this seemed to be the best starting point for saying who Pankhurst are”.

Credits video:
Directed and photographed by Alessandro Rocca & Martina Mele 
Make up by Tobias Tran With Pepe Lin

With this third EP comes a collaboration with Sheratan Records.

Updates will follow