Param-Nesia Embark On A Tech-Death Adventure “Aspect of Creation”

Streaming Now! Param-Nesia Embark On A Tech-Death Adventure In “Aspect of Creation”

EP Stream Premiere via Slam Worldwide

New EP “Aspect of Creation” Out June 18th, 2021

Vancouver’s Param-Nesia are unleashing their new EP “Aspect of Creation” unto the world and listeners are invited to check out the full stream right now via its premiere on Slam Worldwide’s YouTube channel

Compared to the first EP “The Beginning” (2019), this new offering is a big step up in production and quality and will definitely get listeners rowdy. The band explains in more detail:

“It is more focused and balanced in its direction. The overall sound isn’t one specific thing. Some songs have a more melodic, triumphant vibe, while others a more somber, slower groove. But that’s the fun part, each one is a testament to the moment it was conceived, and a reflection of the evolving musical inspirations of each band member at that time.”

They go on to share that there have been lineup changes in the last couple of years and a new dynamic bloomed. They are confident that the current lineup will take the band far, releasing more music and touring as soon as they are able. Meshing melody and brutality, they tell wild tales intended to take the listener on a journey.

The five-track EP is groovy and captivating and each song flows from one to the next. The band remarks that guitarist Andy Cahalin is the primary songwriter, but all members have input in the final work. Lyrically, the music inspires certain words to fit the mood of the music, and a couple of songs have been written from an emotional experience, with lyrics later being distilled to speak about that.

Any discerning metalhead who enjoys tech death and melody will find Param-Nesia of interest, especially those with a liking for At the Gates, Arch Enemy and Revocation.

“Aspect of Creation” comes out June 18, 2021.

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Music Video “Pestilence of Man” – 

Track Listing:
1. Pestilence of Man (4:44)
2. Forsaken (4:44)
3. Lethocerus (5:29)
4. Home (5:47)
5. Journey to Nothing (7:09)
EP Length: 27:54

EP Band Line Up:
Andy Cahalin – Lead Guitar/Bass
Matthew Burnham – Rhythm Guitar/Bass
Cayle Charlton – Vocals
Derek Hill – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Andy Cahalin – Lead Guitar
Matthew Burnham – Rhythm Guitar
Cayle Charlton – Vocals
Colton Hession – Bass
Derek Hill – Drums

For more info:

Param-Nesia is a five-piece metal band hailing from Vancouver BC. Their visceral sound combines melodic death, thrash, and hints of prog to create music that takes you on a journey from beginning to end. Originally founded in 2016 by guitarist Andy Cahalin, and drummer Derek Hill, followed shortly by vocalist Cayle Charlton, the lineup is now complete with the addition of Matt Burnham on guitar and Colton Hession on bass. Param-Nesia released their debut EP “The Beginning” in Feb 2019, and are set to unleash their follow-up EP “Aspect of Creation” on June 25th, 2021. They are committed to their craft, striving to create music that is heavy, emotionally charged and engaging. With a hard work ethic, Param-Nesia is actively seeking shows/tours (post covid) and building an online presence to add to their repertoire.

“Aspect of Creation” is exactly that Death Metal that Chuck Schuldiner would have wished for in 2021.” – Stormbringer

“Aspect of Creation is a powerful slab of melodeath that takes listeners on a sonic journey.” – Noob Heavy

“Melodic riffs permeate the record and the group displays great rhythmic precision. I have a soft spot for guitarists that give their picking hands and rhythm-brain a work out with their riffs. Opening track “Pestilence of Man” is chock full of this variety of riffage. There’s tight gallops everywhere and some tasty guitar harmonies at just the right moments.’ – Noob Heavy

“Taking you on a journey with a diverse mix of subgenres ranging from Melodic Death Metal, Thrash, Metalcore and Prog Rock, Param Nesia showcase their sound with a beautiful yet melodic soundscape, spiced up with atmospheric overtures.” – Stargazer Music Magazine

“The five tracks of this new Ep are a good mix of melodic riffs and a remarkable technical death metal, which give the listener a considerable sonic impact. A heart-pounding start with “Pestilence”, where power and energy are the two details that make this open track truly devastating.” – Music Webzine

“The vocalist definitely has some The Black Dahlia Murder ish kind of vocals so I definitely dig that, and the other musical elements definitely pull together for a bit of a unique take on modern death/thrash metal.” – Zrockr Magazine

“A work with an exceptional sample of technique, speed and strength, with great guitar solos and high-quality instrumental moments. A style that at times reminded me of the great Allegaeon and their characteristic pauses.” – Riff of Metal