Pist ‘Hailz’ Album Review

Pist ‘Hailz’

Album Review By Adam McCann

APF Records/Stoner Metal/Heavy Metal

Given their very short life-span, Pist have made quite a name for themselves on the UK metal scene. Playing a brand of stoner that encroaches on both doom and groove metal at times, the Bury band hit the ground hard with their debut album ‘Rhythm & Booze’ in 2015 before finally returning to the fold this year with their second album ‘Hailz’.

Just like their debut album, rhythms and grooves are at the heart of everything that Pist do. This means that ‘Hailz’ always has something that captures the attention of the listener. Pist have built their reputation as a powerful live juggernaut and ‘Hailz’ does exceptionally well to capture that primal, raw energy; tracks such as ‘Fools Gave Chase’ and the superb ‘Strangle The Sun’ show just how much this band have grown, having all the appeal of Orange Goblin , Kveletak and even Motörhead with their bouncing rhythms. Furthermore, ‘Fools Gave Chase’, alongside the stomping ‘Mind Rotter’ have all the sludge of Pantera in their prime. Yet, with ‘Hailz’ there is something else, a certain je ne sais quoi and that is the ever-running powerhouse of the drums, bass and vocal which would certainly turn the head of fans of Black Breath and Entombed.

‘Hailz’ is a very good album, it is enjoyable to listen to with its pent-up aggression and undeniably fantastic rhythms. This album deserves significantly more attention that it will get and that is a shame; sit back, crack a beer and enjoy some excellent heavy metal.

Rating : 79/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann