PLANEPACKED Premieres New Single “Harrowhark” at No Clean Singing

PLANEPACKED’s metaltronica sound is taking a dark turn into the realms of death and thrash. Premiering now at No Clean Singing, the new single “Harrowhark”, following the release of the sophomore album Transactinides, is a love letter to the literary series The Locked Tomb. 

Stream “Harrowhark” here:

PLANEPACKED mastermind Jessica Kagan comments: 

“The 3rd PLANEPACKED album might be a ways off, but this single should give you a taste of that album’s more diverse moods and sounds; admittedly from the deepest, darkest, and most bloodstained side of  PLANEPACKED. After all, this is a tribute to the Locked Tomb books by Tamsyn Muir, even down to my chosen release date (September 9th).”

On September 13th, the next book in the series (Nona the Ninth) will launch. The release of the new single on September 9th is a homage to the series given how much symbolism the number nine is infused with throughout the novels. The Massachusetts based project unleashes their darkness as “Harrowhark” explodes into life with harsh, abrasive electronics. The new single is an epic assault of intense metal instrumentation, demonic harsh vocals and ludicrous speed, all shrouded in textural electronics.

This brutal exhibit unveils the more extreme range of PLANEPACKED’s identity. “Harrowhark” provides a thrilling interlude between the previous album Transactinides and the eagerly anticipated third album. 


Harsh vocals: MOSS GIRL
Mixing and Mastering: Nu House Studios
Photography: Riley West (they/them)
Artwork: Sarah Allen Reed