Polish rock band ORBITA WIRU released “Kosmateus” EP

ORBITA WIRU is a Warsaw-based rock band, performing a strong variation of this genre from the borderline of alternative and metal. The music of the band is a rock explosion generated by a three-man mechanism drawing from different regions of music. The uncompromising nature of the simple rhythm, the power of the guitars, the piercingness of the voice – the whole is a consistently pulsating sound machine.

The band has released four albums: “Wiru Sfera” (2006), “Relikwiat” (2009), “My Machines” (2013) and “Hipis2020” (2020). The band’s fifth album is nearing completion, and its trailers are two three-song EPs placed on streaming services: “Rodeo” (2022) and “Kosmateus” (2023).

EP “Kosmateus” is the next stage of declassification of the new ORBITA WIRU material. The fifth album is created in the own Empty Studio and emotionally is a post-pandemic effect of closing bodies and minds in a small space of the rehearsal room. Three more tracks, three new thoughts, three sound auras:

The eyes of a child will best see the dirt that adults tend to avoid, because the world is not perfect. Only a child will determine the real state of affairs in the most elementary way, letting us know how bad it is.

Wiosna Schizofrenia
Spring is the time of explosion. Nature and life are exploding, the senses are exploding, irrationally reacting to the new opening of many beings. Sometimes the detonation of nature brings with it the release of untamed and shameful realms of our mind.

Someday but not yet
When Orbita had been operating for a year, Jan was born. For Jan, the first Krzyk song was created, the title track of the first demo of OW, which ultimately was not included in any official release of the band. In this poem John received hope, warning and the promise of prayer. Now Jan is 22 years old, and the song Someday but not yet is a symbolic handover of the scepter of generations.


1. Kosmateus
2. Wiosna Schizofrenia
3. Someday but not yet


Tomasz Serwatko – vocal, guitar

Maciej Walencik – drums

Sebastian Górski – bass


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