Possessed – ‘Revelations Of Oblivion’ Album Review

Possessed – ‘Revelations Of Oblivion’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Nuclear Blast Records/Death/Thrash Metal

It’s been more than 30 years since Possessed last graced us with an album and although the band have been officially back since 2007, it has been nothing more than candid appearances as a touring band. When it was officially announced that Jeff Becerra and company would return this year with ‘Revelations of Oblivion’, their new studio album, the metal world waited with bated breath.

It’s true, that expectations can weigh heavy on a band and that often leads a band to deliver an album that is either hailed as the best thing since sliced bread, total garbage or even worse entirely lacklustre. Thankfully for Possessed, ‘Revelations…’ falls distinctly into the first category, the band have delivered an absolutely fantastic album that manages to sidestep ‘Beyond The Gates’ and claim itself to be a spiritual successor to the illustrious and ground breaking ‘Seven Churches’. Of course, that is a bold statement, but it is a testament to just how good this album actually is, tracks such as ‘Dominion’, ‘Shadowcult’ and ‘Graven’ tear through the mix like creatures from a lost world that hit so hard with primal vigour and rage that the modern age simply cannot keep up. Furthermore, time or paralysis has not tarnished Becerra’s vocals as the he manages to tear through ‘Revelations…’ with all the gusto of his younger self.

There are those that will bemoan this album just for not simply being ‘Seven Churches’, but in all honesty, when that is the only criticism available, it is certainly not a bad place to be at. ‘Revelations…’ is one of the best metal albums released this year so far, but above all, it is good to have Possessed officially back. You have been missed.

Rating : 90/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann