Post-Black Metal Force NIDARE 

(feat. members of ANCST, rýr, HENRY FONDA & more)
Unleashes New Song Of Upcoming Album 
“von Wegen”!

December 16, 2022 will see Berlin-based post-black metal band NIDARE release their first full-length album, entitled “von Wegen”, via Through Love Records. The band is featuring several members all coming from different post-metal, screamo and hardcore acts (such as AncstHenry FondaAstChambersAfterlife Kids, rýrYouth Cult), combining all of their different experiences and emotions to channel them within NIDARE (derived from the old German word “nidar” which means “below”). 

NIDARE released their first DIY recorded demo in 2019, quickly followed by a 4-way-split-release with Welk, Argon and Lazar. Despite the terrible pandemic that hit the world in 2020, the band managed to play a couple of first shows in 2020 to present their music in an immersive live environment (of course they complied with the regulations at the time). Around the same time, the band recorded their first full-length LP “von Wegen”.  

Their sound is constituted by catchy melodic, yet challenging riffs that cover atmospheric black metal, screamo as well as post-metal styles, all played upon blast beat driven drums that are still not afraid to go doomy. But give ear, as today, NIDARE have shared another blistering track taken from their upcoming “von Wegen”. Following previously-released, first single “Sintflut” (Listen HERE!), you can now stream their new song “Immer Noch” right here:

“Immer noch”(~ “still”) starts about a close person, who has an openly racist attitude, denies helping people and excludes them,” the band reveals.

“During the song the perspective changes and points to the fact that all these thought patterns “still” exist so wastly within our society. Nothing has changed in Germany for decades and a lot of people that “welcomed” the refugees in 2015 are now the ones demanding more security through deportation.

“Immer noch” has no answers or solutions, but is an outburst of rage, not accepting a society that is becoming more and more xenophobic.”

Every song on the album tells a story of a close person and their path, which is why the album is called “von Wegen” ( ~ about (path)ways)). These paths cross fears, mental blockades, actions and are interwoven with different kinds of interpersonal relationships, sometimes constituted by balances of power. Coming out on Vinyl, CD and as Digital formats on December 16th via Through Love Records, the album pre-sale is now available at THIS LOCATION!

von Wegen tracklist:
01. Sintflut
02. Von Wegen
03. Silhouette
04. Unwesen
05. Windspiel
06. Immer Noch

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