Preview of the Female Metal Fest 2019 in Geneva

Preview of the Female Metal Fest 2019 in Geneva

By Rainer Kerber

After the end of the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium, several small festivals are trying to fill this gap. In addition to events in Italy, the Netherlands, the Swiss city of Geneva is also a host for a festival for bands with female singers. The one-day Female Metal Fest will be held for the fifth time this year. After the Undertown in Meyrin 2017, the festival takes place for the second time in a row at the Villa Tacchini in Lancy.

Recently, the names of the four bands were announced, which will be on stage this evening. After the co-organizer Katia has appeared in the last with Alkemy, she presents in this year her new project Saatus. Together with Carina Rodrigues (The Strauss). In 2018 she still had a guest appearance at Alkemy. Symphocore call the two singers their sound. Saatus are the only local band at the festival. Two more bands are from France. Elfika from Paris play symphonic melodic metal. Whether as duo (Facebook) or trio (homepage) is still open. But maybe some guest musicians will be invited as well. The band was founded in 2014. And released a demo one year later. Inhepsia is much longer active. Founded in Paris in 2001, they have been playing Atmospheric Gothic Metal sinc this time. So far, the band has released four albums. Singer Cathy Bontant and guitarist Jean Suire are from the beginning members of the band. The fourth band will arrive from Germany. Last year, Mir zur Feier qualified at the Battles for the appearance at the FemME in Eindhoven. There they presented their lyrical Death Metal in the small hall of the Dinamo. The quartet from Bielefeld has obviously been in constant lineup since 2009. Two EP’s were produced during this time.

And like many smaller festivals, it’s also the Female Metal Fest. Money is needed to run the event. That’s why the organizer Wings Music & Events has launched a crowdfunding campaign again this year. All Metal fans are invited to financially support this festival. Every little contribution counts.

Mir zur Feier

Saatus – Whore (In this Moment Cover):
Elfika – Inferno:
Inhepsie – Est-ce important:
Mir zur Feier – Der Schauende:




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