Progressive Trip-Rockers CB3 Release New Single ‘TO SPACE AND AWAY’

Progressive Trip-Rockers CB3 Release New Single ‘TO SPACE AND AWAY’

New album Exploration is released 26/8 on Majestic Mountain Records | Pre-order here

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“Talk about timing. In the same summer that the James Webb telescope reveals the staggering, detailed beauty of deep space, CB3 release Exploration, a noisy and joyous album celebrating the adventure of travelling through the cosmos.”

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Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, CB3 (AKA Charlotta’s Burning Trio) is about as dynamic and progressive as hard rock trios come.
Teaming up this August with Majestic Mountain Records for the release of their new album Exploration, the band stack stylistic and reverent references to artists such as Hawkwind, Hendrix, Cream and Pink Floyd, mountain high. All the while, carving out their own distinct path via crushing stoner grooves, explosive krautrock, and transcendent, mind-bending psychedelic soundscapes. Infused with heavy psych jams and even heavier themes and narrative structures, Exploration serves as the inaugural leg of a heady space adventure which finds its lead protagonist physically entering his own daydreams; reveries which eventually form a new reality. 
Having supported bands such as Monolord, Kikagaku Moyo and Hällas and enchanted stages at PLX Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival and Köpenhamns Jazz Festival, CB3’s next chapter is not to be missed. Ushering in a new era which, for the first time finds vocalised lyrics introduced into their compositions, progressive rhythms and grand concepts take the listener beyond the constructs of space and time.
“It feels awesome to have our band join forces with MMR,” explains Charlotta. “We share the same nerdy interest for music and seek to provide that same care and support in the underground music scene. When the pandemic cancelled everything, we had to change and a new musical era of CB3 was born. We’re stoked to share this album with Majestic Mountain Records and all of you out there!”
Exploration by CB3 will be released on 26th August on Majestic Mountain Records