Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus Album Review

Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Project Renegade come from the Greek capital Athens. The band was founded by singer Marianna and drummer Ody in 2017. Later, Nick K. (guitar) and Jay (bass) joined the band. In the same year the EP “Cerebra” was released. After that, the quartet played at various festivals, such as the Voices of the Succubi and the FemME, both in 2018. At the same time, Project Renegade also worked on their first album. Recorded was “Order Of The Minus” in the Matrix Recording Studio in Athens. At the end of October, it was time. Project Renegade presented their fans the long-awaited debut.

On “Order Of The Minus” the Greeks pursue a thematic concept, the “loss” in modern world. Thus, the album starts with the spoken word intro “The Big Boss”, who is responsible for everything and dictates what we have to do. What a scary, but still real idea. “Liber8” (liberate) is then exactly the right answer. At the beginning there is a siren howl, dark riffs bang out of the speakers. Then singer Marianna enters. With dark vocal timbre, sometimes technically alienated, she underpins the gloomy mood. The fight continues on “Products Of War”. Musically, Project Renegade reminds me very much of Lacuna Coil. The dark riffs are joined by double bass attacks. The hope is that “In Another Life” will be better. The vocals sound correspondingly yearning. Also, the instrumentation becomes a bit more hopeful. The chorus almost invites you to sing along. Fast riffing, fast vocals, and driving drums in “The Strain” describe the stresses and strains that we are experienced today. At the beginning of “Respirator” one hears a person breathing heavily. The song itself is one of the quieter of the album. Despite breathing protection, one should approach life calmly. After the instrumental interlude “A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle” follows with “Black Mountain” the final song. It starts quietly, with synths and elfish vocals, before drums and guitar riffs use rhythmically. The album’s longest song, which lasts just under eight minutes, is the crowning finale. The anthemic conclusion is to show that there is still hope, hope for us, hope for our world.

Now you understand what’s behind the band name. The quartet and many other people want to leave the path they have taken. The music could also be used for the soundtrack of an end-time drama. Project Renegade have released an extremely ambitious debut album. The musical implementation of the concept has been great. Chapeau! It will be interesting to see what topic the Greeks will pick up next.

Project Renegade – Liber8:


Marianna – Vocals
Ody – Drums
Nick K. – Guitar
Jay – Bass

Label: Self released

Out: October 21st, 2019

Playin time: 46:30

Track list:

  • The Big Boss
  • Liber8
  • Products Of War
  • The New Joker
  • In Another Life
  • The Strain
  • Respirator
  • Sylar
  • A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle
  • Black Mountain

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber