Psychedelic Doom Rock Force THAMMUZ announces full album details

Psychedelic Doom Rock Force THAMMUZ announces full album details; first single out now!

Netherlands‘ stoner rockers Thammuz announce full details of their sophomore album “Sons of the Occult”, to be released via Argonauta Records by October 28!

Sons of the Occult has stoner and doom influences, but also psychedelic rock and grunge. The lyrics and album are inspired by alienating and psychotic individuals and situations. It’s a mix of melancholy, wondering and shock.

Thammuz’ first album ‘Into the Great Unknown’ was created in 2020. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at White Noise Studio only two weeks after forming the band. After Covid happened, there were no shows to be played. Instead of waiting for better times, Thammuz immediately started working on new music. All attention was put into creating a mix of each bandmembers’ preferences. This resulted in the second album, ‘Sons of the Occult’.

The result is a more dynamic album with some new sounds, in comparison to the debut. Recorded, mixed and mastered at White Noise Studio. All the artwork was created by Diogo Soares.

As appetizer, give hear to the exciting first single and title-track below, with more exciting news to follow soon:

1. Electric Sheep
2. Sons of the Occult
3. Guayota
4. Had a Blast
5. Self-taught Man
6. Death Songs
7. Dumuzid’s Descent
8. People from the Sky
9. Peyote
10. Insomnia