Pure Obsessions & Red Nights Release New Dark-Wave/Synthpop Album

Pure Obsessions & Red Nights Release New Dark-Wave/Synthpop Album: “Heirs of the Red Nights”

The Dark-Wave/Synthpop project Pure Obsessions & Red Nights, known for its industrial and gothic vibes, is back with a brand-new album titled “Heirs of the Red Nights.” The album, featuring nine tracks, is the second installment in the Night Trilogy, continuing the enigmatic tale of Mr. Strangler, who remains hidden in the shadows.

Philippe Deschemin, the creative force behind Pure Obsessions & Red Nights, describes the album as a blend of influences, ranging from Nine Inch Nails, Boy Harsher, Depeche Mode, Cold Cave, IAMX, TR/ST, and Killing Joke. The album promises to captivate fans of dark-wave and synthpop with its captivating soundscapes and mesmerizing atmosphere.


  1. Sadie Wants the Night
  2. The Dagger in the Flesh
  3. She Dreams in Black
  4. While the World Slowly Dies
  5. Nothing is Certain
  6. The Heartbeat of the Night
  7. The Devil in Their Dreams
  8. A Walk with the Shining One
  9. All it Takes is a Little Fear

All songs on “Heirs of the Red Nights” were composed and written by Philippe Deschemin, who also produced, recorded, and mixed the album. Mastering was expertly handled by Aaron Sadrin.

The album is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Deezer. To listen to “Heirs of the Red Nights,” visit the following links:

The mesmerizing music video for the song “Sadie Wants the Night” is available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7-BxQVXrF-o. Directed by Matteo Vdiva and Chiara Ciarami for VD Pictures, the video showcases the studio’s renowned work, which includes collaborations with Lord of the Lost, PowerWolf, and Mono Inc.

Be sure to check out the first album of The Night Trilogy, “Let Your Obsessions Run Wild,” available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Spotify : https://tinyurl.com/4zrdmk3j