Pyogenesis ‘A Silent Soul Screams Loud’ Album Review

Pyogenesis ‘A Silent Soul Screams Loud’

Album Review By Adam McCann

AFM Records/Alternative Metal

As a band, Pyogenesis have undergone a metamorphosis; beginning life in the early 90s as a death/doom band before splitting up in 2005 reinventing themselves into a more alternative and punk vein following their reformation in 2014. Taking on an ambitious trilogy of albums that began with 2015’s ‘A Century in the Curse of Time’, throughout 2017’s ‘A Kingdom to Disappear’ and now comes to climactic conclusion with this years ‘A Silent Soul Screams Loud’.

As expected, ‘A Silent Soul…’ continues in the alternative metal vein that takes in Steampunk visual and lyrical themes touching on a Jules Verne style album cover as well as subject matter that takes in Karl Marx, ‘Das Capital’, Sigmund Freud, Darwinism and horror literature such as ‘Frankenstein’. This adds an element of high-brow intrigue to the album, delivered through a haze of pessimistic melancholy that ooze with well-crafted melodies which show just how talented Pyogenesis actually are. However, as enjoyable as this album is, it does suffer from the same issues from the preceding albums and that is ‘A Silent Soul…’ is just not that memorable, once finished, the album has a little staying power with the final closing track ‘The Capital (A Silent Soul Screams Loud)’ feeling like a 14 minute dirge instead of an orgasmic finale.

Musically, ‘A Silent Soul…’ is very good and long-time fans of the band may turn their noses up in disgust, but this is a very accessible album that has the potential to pull in an entirely new audience.

Rating : 60/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann