QRIXKUOR Release Preview Video for “Poison Palinopsia”

English death metal band QRIXKUOR have launched a preview video for their debut full-length album, Poison Palinopsia. Sample the insanity that is Poison Palinopsia at youtu.be/dX2VzxBAS9Q.

Poison Palinopsia is set to be released on digital, CD and vinyl formats in conspiracy with Invictus Productions in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the United States on August 13. Pre-order the album at darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/poison-palinopsia.

Following 2016’s enigmatic Three Devils Dance MLP, Poison Palinopsia is a sordid wound in reality’s distorted veil that spent five restless years aching for a blade to grant it life. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham, England and with cover art contributed once again by the inimitable Daniel Corcuera, the album is a furious and fanatically channeled tempest of feral energy, synonymous in its nightmarish aural attack that seeks to chisel avenues to black inner worlds – a truly fitting soundscape for man’s current state of despondent dissonance.

A 48 minute, two-part labyrinthine descent into the demented depths of the divine, Poison Palinopsia is less a listening experience and more a voyage – a summoning to scale the treacherous terrains of merciless mountains of madness. The images remain with the light long slain…

Track listing:
1. Serpentine Susurrus – Mother’s Abomination (24:11)
2. Recrudescent Malevolence – Mother’s Illumination (24:31)

QRIXKUOR was born of flame and baptized in blood on English soil at the conclusion of 2011. Beginning with 2014’s Consecration of the Temple demo tape, QRIXKUOR paint deranged soundscapes that exist outside the circles of time – the crepitating cacophony of the world’s dying embers.

Joined in darkness by Invictus Productions, 2016 spawned the Three Devils Dance MLP – crawling desolate labyrinths at the threshold of insanity, this release resulted in increased live activity, culminating in a tour across the West Cost of North America with Blood Incantation in the summer of 2017. 

Recrudescent and relentless, in 2021 QRIXKUOR is an international, inter-dimensional entity preparing to release their debut full-length album in conspiracy with Invictus Productions & Dark Descent Records, Poison Palinopsia, giving voice to abhorrent visions torn from beyond reality’s distorted veils – a mass for tortured souls. Be consumed and burn brighter…

S – Vocals and guitars
VK – Bass
DBH – Drums

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