Quebec Punk/Rock band FAXIN signs with SODEH Records, announce “Oh No!” EP drop!

Quebec Punk/Rock band FAXIN signs with SODEH Records, announce “Oh No!” EP drop!

Quebec’s very own FAXIN drops its long awaited Oh No! EP through SODEH Records. Hard & Hooky Punk Rock melodies that bring back the 90s and early 2000s. 

A fair cross between 90’s Green Day and Rancid, FAXIN easily fits into the realm of Punk Rock! The melodies are reminiscent of the best years of Skate Punk and make you want to go riding under the sun and end up at night drinking Pabst beer at the BBQ! 

1. Something to Loose
2. Oh No!
3. One More Day
4. She Dreams
5. Alone and Lost

To celebrate the occasion

FAXIN have released the video teaser for “Oh No!


FAXIN are a Canadian Punk/Rock band from Quebec.

Officially born in 2021, the FAXIN story actually begins in the ’90s. It was in the filthy punk showrooms and dirty practice rooms of Montreal that Frank and Julien spent their teenage years. Punk rock junkies to the bone, the guys tried to emulate their idols. Since then, the chemistry has always worked!

The EP ”Oh No!” was born after a major depression. Julien, being unable to leave his house for months, did nothing but write and compose. Sometimes he washed himself! Some songs are realizations, while others served as an attempt to encourage himself not to give up. The lyrics were written by analyzing the world from its darkest side. The hard guitar riffs are the result of an otherwise impossible release! Frank brought his special touch to the guitar to bring even more character and texture!