Rage For Order Interview

Rage For Order Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from metalheads forever magazine how are you today?
Everything good thanks!

Tell us about rage for order the band might be new to some of the metal maniacs around the world?
Well, our band grows up focused on metal music! What makes our music different is the research to
combine melodic vocal lines with powerful groove and modern electronical sound.

How the recent tour atlas weekend fest, how was it for you guys?
The Atlas weekend tour was really exciting, we are so proud and honored to had the opportunity to play
our music so many miles away from our country in front of such amazing “metal addicted” Absolutely

You shared the stage with Nereis how was it playing along with them?
The Nereis have played a couple of days before us, we have shared the stage with other bands including
the Adept and Our last night .. maybe one day there will be an opportunity to share the stage with them

Although the band started in 2004 the debut came out in 2017, why did it take so long for the band?
Ops! there is a typing error! J We were playing together from so long time but only in 2013 we decided to start a new project and found Rage for Order.This period was necessary to develop our personal sound and style.

What are the plans for the band in 2019?
By now 2019 is almost over! J We are working on a video clip of our next single and producing our next ep. Together with our management we are planning next tour. Stay tuned!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement