Resolve Share “Move to Trash” Video


After releasing the full-length Between Me and The Machine and playing over 50 shows across Europe and the UK, RESOLVE are back with the brand new track “Move to Trash.”

Watch the video here.

“Nearly a year after the release of our debut album and about 50 shows played across Europe and the UK, we were eager to follow up with something new, and build on our newly established sound,” says vocalist Anthony Diliberto. “The four of us in Resolve share common values of DIY and self-sufficiency. It is paramount for us to remain in total control of our art, from the earliest draft to the finished product. And despite all the good we find in the process, it comes with its share of downsides. That is what ‘Move to Trash’ is all about.”

He continues, “This track has an almost ‘meta’ approach to it — basically telling the story of getting lost in the songwriting process, working tirelessly, questioning everything you create. You often end up stuck in a loop, where passion turns into obsession — to the point of losing your sense of reason and priorities. We feel like every creative person can relate to these issues in one form or another.”

Diliberto finishes, “A standalone release was also the occasion for us to try something different with the music video. It has a lighter, definitely ironic feeling, while also being so much more straightforward and efficient than any of our previous videos.”

Anthony Diliberto — Vocals
Antonin Carré — Guitar
Robin Mariat — Bass
Nathan Mariat — Drums