Riccardo Linassi release first single featuring Luiz Caldas

Talented Brazilian drummer Riccardo Linassi releases his single “Virtual Blues” through DyMM P&M, the song precedes his first CD released worldwide with this label, Riccardo counts with the participation of Luiz Caldas, a genius of the Brazilian music that is known for being the father of the rhythm of “Axé baiano”.

Listen at this location: https://open.spotify.com/track/1ZTz36x6kZgPO68PuEDCsQ

This single prepares listeners for the arrival of the Virtual Revolution CD which will be online from November 16, 2021, and you can get it in physical or digital version at Bandcamp where it is already available for pre-sale with the release of this single.

Born in Maraú city/Brazil in August 1979, self-taught, began playing the drums at the age of 11. In 1998 had a brief passage in Musisinos – school of music, when he learned music theory, and since then he studies on his own account. Two years later, he was a drums’ teacher using the method he created himself.

In 2002, he moved to Belo Horizonte city, where he lives today. He worked at the Sonar Studio until 2009.

Graduated in Music Degree at the University of the State of Minas Gerais – ESMU/UEMG, he is also a member of the Musical Darezzo Institute, online music school, developing the play along and the drum parts in lots of projects.

A versatile and eclectic musician, he works from soft regional music to heavy metal and all the variations – all these music styles formed him as a professional musician. He has no influence of one single drummer, so he can flow among all the music styles.

His ability with other musical instruments took him to music writing, so some of his music was recorded in albums of his former bands. In 2011, he released two CDs with his own compositions, the first one in heavy metal style and the second in rock. There’s a third album is being prepared, rescue to the past, songs that were kept “in the back drawer”.

As a freelance musician, he has played with Marcelo Barbosa, Devil Dust, Mercantes, Jon Neto, among many others.

Currently, he has been doing shows and workshops with many artists and travelling all over Brazil.

Some drummers he admires: Nicko Mcbrain, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy, Mike Terrana, Uli Kusch, João Barone, Charles Gavin, Kiko Freitas, Ricardo Confessori, Aquiles Priester, Ivan Busic… the list is huge!

Riccardo Linassi:

Luiz Caldas: