RÏCÏNN unveils stunning Doris video

Avant garde vocalist / composer Rïcïnn unveils stunning animated video ‘Doris’ (feat. Travis Ryan)

Celebrating the one year anniversary of new album Nereïd (Blood Music)

“A stunning piece of work” – Prog
“Quite unlike any record you’ll hear” 4/5 – Kerrang!

Experimental French vocalist / composer Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec) has unveiled the stunning new video to the single ‘Doris’, which features guest vocals from Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation. The animated video, which was entirely digitally hand-drawn by German artist Marius. M. Muench, marks the one year anniversary of Rïcïnn‘s ground-breaking new album Nereïd, out now via Blood Music.

Marius commented on the video and his creative process: “Drawing gives me the ability to create my own unique worlds, to tell stories from distant lands defined by my pen, but expanded by any viewer’s imagination and therefore hold secrets that not even I may know, even though I have drawn the fundamentals of it.

Laure does the same with her music, voice and language, so it was quite exciting to see what happens when we combine both our ways and create a third realm that consists of both her musical universe and the universe of my drawings. 

“Together with the tribal drums of Sylvain Bouvier, the apocalyptic scream of Travis Ryan textured by the guitars of Eran Segal, and conducted by the strings of cellist, Raphael Verguin, mixed and mastered by Déhá Amsg and now accompanied by my drawings, Rïcïnn created a child holding parts of all our imaginations, a child named Doris.

“Or how the creator of both our favourite series would put it “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.’ (Rodman Edward Serling, The Twilight Zone)

“It is an area which we call ‘The Doris Zone’.”

Purchase Nereïd here: http://www.blood-music.com/store

Watch the video to previous single ‘Psamatäe’ here:

In a world of appearances, Rïcïnn was born from the desire to remain true to her instrument, the voice.
As a child, she cooked remedies, formulas, and prayers to serve them to the world. An expression of ‘The Now’. Fire & water, whales & birds, sounds emanating from the mist, blown by the windy shore, spitting the scrambling wreckage of a damaged arch, vestige from an ancient and forgotten civilisation, flooded into the oversights of time.

Rïcïnn appears as the lonely survivor of a pre-post apocalyptic universe, a new world in which she bereaves the loss of her unknown culture.

Nereïd is a concoction of many cultures, assimilated and included with her own language. The experience of an incarnation in the material world, falling into the living, as the nymphs of Poseidon move the ocean, making choices, harmonising the rhythms of nature.

Known for her work as female vocalist for breakcore outfit Igorrr, experimental gothic funeral metal band Öxxö Xööx, and experimental trip-hop unit Corpo-MenteRïcïnn‘sbeautiful, solo work lies in the realm of funeral opera – with nearly all composition, instrumentation, and imagery created by the artist herself.

The result is a celestial dance, moving into unexpected explosions of terror, each sacred in their own right.

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1. Zéro
2. Doris (featuring Travis Ryan)
3. Nereïd
4. Missäe
5. Artäe
6. Ëön
7. Psamatäe
8. J-C
9. Thaliäe
10. Ele
11. Söre
12. Erani

Artwork credit: Svarta Photography