SAECRED SPIRIT Releases New Single And Video “Warriors”

Swedish female fronted hard rock band SAECRED SPIRIT has made its new single and video “Warriors” available on streaming services and digital service providers.

Player for “Warriors” –

SAECRED SPIRIT singer Anuviel says: “Like with all my original songs, ”Warriors” gives a glimpse of the life and adventures of Anuviel. Like for my debute single ”Unbreakable”, both the music and lyrics to ”Warriors” came to me easily and fast – almost like a channeling of some sort”.

SAECRED SPIRIT is a musical adventure from one of Sweden’s best-kept secrets. It is an exciting journey that tells the story of Anuviel – a female emissary of light from a parallel world very close to ours that has been made aware that humanity is on the verge of destruction. The truth is even more disturbing; she soon finds out. The world has been dying for a very long time, burdened by the cacophony of tormented souls and the dissonance of species longing for a home of love and warmth.

Anuviel is a harbinger of life; a guardian of the very essence of time and space, and as such, a being that is eternal; keeper of the secret key made of sound that opens the gates that lead from The Ashen Bridge to any place in the universe. With such power, comes great responsibility and great danger; so she has to hide her inner light – veil her eyes, from forces that want nothing else than darkness to reign.

Faster than any light or thought, Anuviel is a messenger of hope and strength. Her own sacred steed is a unicorn with the ability to “sing” and enlighten the world that unity of spirit brings the gift of music.

It is time to listen and build strength for what is about to come

SAECRED SPIRIT “Warriors” credits:

Anuviel – Vocals and keyboards
Lars Chriss (LION’S SHARE) – Guitar and drums
Andy Loos (LION’S SHARE, GLORY) – Bass
Produced and mixed by: Lars Chriss –
Mastered by: Mike Lind –
Artwork by: Carl-André Beckston – Blekkmark Design Studio /
Video by: Niklas Nieminen – Man With The Hat
Cast:Steve Östmark, Anna Tunell, Markus Hilmers
Music and lyrics by:Anuviel