SAMAEL – Re-Release Groundbreaking Albums Lux Mundi & Solar Soul !

SAMAEL – Re-Release Groundbreaking Albums
Lux Mundi & Solar Soul !

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Swiss black metal pioneers S A M A  E L are back and will re-release their legendary albums Lux Mundi and Solar Soul on 19th of April.

S A M A E L awakened on the 14th of July 1988 when brothers Xytraguptor and Vorphalack loaded their musical gear into an atomic bunker. Almost 20 years after that day the band experienced a rebirth with the release of Solar Soul (2007). The album, co-produced by longtime producer Waldemar Sorychta and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation…) is now fully remastered and will be released with the addition of 9 bonus tracks (2 remixes, 6 instrumental songs, 1x live track).

After resurrecting black metal in the early ’90’s with their debut album Worship Him, introducing symphonic metal in 1994 with Ceremony of Opposites and pionieering industrial metal with Passage in 1996 ; S A M A  E L released Lvx Mvndi in 2011, a record that built a bridge over the 20+ years of the band’s history by melting all sides and personalities of the band into a masterpiece. Now the album has been remixed from stems, remastered and will be released with the addition of 7 bonus tracks.

Heavy as heavy can be – watch the brand new lyric video for “Ave!

from the Solar Soul re-release right HERE!

Vorph on “Ave!”:

“ It’s a titanic and monolithic song that always leave the audience mesmerized by its crushing power when we play it live. But I let you judge by yourself if you’re not yet familiar with that song… “

S A M A E L are widely known for their Industrial Black Metal armed with wind sections passing through shivering synthesizers. On point and frighteningly brutal, fiery whirlwinds of hypnotic hammering riff forces overlay gruesomely gurgling vocals driving you over the edge.

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Vorph: Guitars, Vocals
Xy: Keyboards and Programming
Drop: Guitars
Zorrac: Bass

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