Sepsiss – ‘Badd Blood’ Album Review

Sepsiss – ‘Badd Blood’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Heavy Metal/Metalcore

Sometimes the name just doesn’t fit the picture; just the name Sepsiss conjures up images of a death or even thrash metal band. Yet, this New Hampshire band play a very modern sounding style of heavy metal and are poised to release their debut EP ‘Badd Blood’.

Clocking in at a hefty 32 minutes, ‘Badd Blood’ gives significantly more than a taster of what Sepsiss are all about. Contained within this EP is big American sound, choruses that are built around the female front of Melissa Wolfe, who’s vocal phrasing is reminiscent of both Evanescence and In This Moment, yet also somewhat more pop orientated influences such as Madonna within Wolfe’s voice. However, the twist comes through harsh vocals delivered by William Savant; it is during these moments where the rather generic heavy metal sound is juxtaposed by metalcore breakdowns that have all the appeal of Killswitch Engage, A Day To Remember and Underoath. Unfortunately, the issue with ‘Badd Blood’ is that none of the songs are really memorable, the EP plays perfectly fine, but once finished, it is quickly forgotten with nothing much allowing the band to stand out albeit the snaking guitar riff to ‘The Swarm’.

‘Badd Blood’ shows a band hard at work, developing and honing their sound and whilst there is still a lot of work to do, Sepsiss to their best to win the heart of the listener and it will be interesting to see how a full-length studio album develops.

Rating : 60/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann