September Damage: new album e new video “Tools or Victims”

SEPTEMBER DAMAGE, melodic death metal band from ITALY with alread two albums and three singles, announce the release of their new EP “PERCEPTION OF REALITY”. The album premiered at Alchemica Music Club at the release party held on March 25, 2022.

As the title suggests, the disc isbased on reality, perceived not according to the usual patterns but by observing the opposite side of the coin. The issues addressed are the exploitation of people, who are of tenused without their knowledge for certain purposes and then turn into victims of the system, the sensitivity of the human soul and the indelible memories of the past that characterize each individual.

The band is committed to promoting the EP through various live shows whose dates will be announced shortly.

PERCEPTION OF REALITY, like all old content, is available on all music streaming platforms!

On the band’s official Youtubechannel, the video clip of track n.2 of the album entitled TOOLS OR VICTIMS is available:

September Damage line up:

Devid Rugiero – Founder; Lead Vocal (Growl and Scream); – from 2009

Gianluca Andreacchi – Lead & Rhythm guitar; background vocal (clean and chorus) – from 2019

Francesco Caliri – Drums; Chorus – from 2016

Franco Fabbri – Bass – from 2020

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