Set for World Domination

fdez-ferdinandsssI remember when I first discovered Metalheads Forever, that was about a year ago, everything since the first day was just really cool, all the members interacting, excellent music, and so on. I was really amazed when I became an admin, it was the first time to me to manage a large community and I was very excited about it. We were rising our numbers and that was the time when all of us known this is going to be big! I have to thank my friend and founder of Metalheads Forever for the incredible opportunity and to all the staff who support and are always there, battling and putting MHF in ascension. We’re now the largest and most diverse community, and we are set for World Domination, reaching every corner of the world and make the biggest metal community out there. The best thing about this experience is the bond we all have, as a strong family who won’t let loyal members of the family down.

We are set for World Domination; we will bring METAL to the whole world. Metal On!

Fdez Ferdinand