Seventh Son – Arc Of Infinity Album Review

Seventh Son – Arc Of Infinity

Album Review By David Kerber


The Japanese band Seventh Son is (still) largely unknown in Europe. But this is not due to musical abilities, but rather to missing publications in Europe. This was now stopped, because three years after the first release in Japan, the second album Arc of infinity appeared in Europe.

According to the label Seventh Son are influenced by Rush and Dream Theater. Although I can not confirm this influence, but such comments are always to be treated with caution anyway. In any case, the opener “In your heart” could well have been on an early Queensrӱche album, which is not the worst reference. Slow start with acoustic guitar, women’s narration and a bit of bass and drums, before the song really starts with rocking guitars and a high-pitched scream. Vocally Yasuhiro reminds of the young Geoff Tate and also musically a lot of Queensrӱche feeling comes up.

In the further course of the album, this impression is confirmed. “Behind their smile” and “Silent truth” beat the same score as the opener and convince with first-class riffing and strong vocals.

With “Camellia” follows a beautiful ballad in which Yasuhiro can show his whole vocal abilities. The rest of the album is as strong as the beginning. Musically, the Japanese are beyond any doubt and they also have a lot of composing skills.

The only weak point is the quite dull snare, which is fortunately not heard too often. At that point, they remind of the early Dream Theater who had the same problems with the drums. Otherwise, the album offers a high level over the entire fifty minutes and should find many buyers in the European market.

Pictures: STF Records, Seventh Son

Seventh Son – In Your Heart:


Yoshiyuki Suzuki – Bass
Tai Syouda – Drums
Yasumoto Otani – Guitars
Yasuhiro Yamazaki – Vocals

Label: STF Records

Out: July 5th, 2019

Playing time: 50:18


  • In Your Heart
  • Behind Their Smile
  • Silent Truth
  • Camellia
  • Eternal Spiral
  • Blaze In The Dark
  • Master
  • Children Of The Earth
  • Fallen In Love
  • In My Heart

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/David Kerber