Shakra – Mad World Album Review

Shakra – Mad World Album Review

By Rainer Kerber

How time flies. The Swiss Shakra have been shaking the Alps for 25 years. And carry their Power Metal all over the world. Before that they were out already under the name “Ruckus”. And it was not always easy. The band repeatedly had run out of road. But like Phoenix from the ashes, they kept coming back. If I don’t count myself wrong, the twelfth studio album will be released in the anniversary year with “Mad World”. So I was curious if this album could keep up with the high level of its predecessors.

Shakra do not take prisoners from the start. With “Fireline” they start rocking as ever. The Swiss flagship and unique selling point is once again the scratchy but pleasant vocals of Mark Fox. What a stroke of luck that Shakra brought her former singer (2002 – 2009) back to “High Noon” four years ago. This is followed by the powerful “Too Much Is Not Enough”. During the chorus, every club should shake when fans singing along live. “A Roll Of The Dice” is a true reef monster in the typical Shakra style. And the title song “Mad World” should become one of the band’s great hits. It gets hymnatic when “When He Comes Around”. And reminds a little of earlier songs by another band from Switzerland, Gotthard. With “I Still Rock” the Swiss make a clear announcement. Nomen est omen! The somewhat hectic sounding “When It All Falls Down” again offers a catchy chorus to sing along to. “Turn The Light On” is more commercial. Here obviously a lot of emphasis was placed on airplay suitability. And like a metal ballad sound must show Shakra at the end of the album. “New Tomorrow” is soulful and powerful at the same time.

Twenty-five years and not a bit quieter. Shakra sound just as fresh in the anniversary year as in the early years. “Mad World” seamlessly follows the high quality of the previous albums. I also have to say I don’t know a bad album by this band. I can only agree with the label’s press release.

Here’s to another 25 years!


Mark Fox – Vocals
Thom Blunier – Guitar
Thomas Muster – Guitar
Dominik Pfister – Bass
Roger Tanner – Drums

Label: AFM Records

Out: February 28th, 2020

Playing time: 48:13

Track list:

  • Fireline
  • Too Much Is Not Enough
  • A Roll Of The Dice
  • Mad World
  • When He Comes Around
  • Thousand Kings
  • I Still Rock
  • Fake News
  • When It All Falls Down
  • Turn The Light On
  • Son Of Fire
  • New Tomorrow

Rating : 10/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber