Shredguy Records is proud to announce the release of THE NEXT CHAPTER by guitarist/producer Amyr Abadawn of Singapore.

THE NEXT CHAPTER is the second installment in the futuristic trilogy. The final installment, THE FINAL CHAPTER will be released later this year.

For THE NEXT CHAPTER, Abadawn enlisted some of the best musicians in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world to create a sonic journey into the future. Stylistically the album delves into death and black metal vocals, along with operatic vocals, always with a hint neo-classical shred and exploration into exotic scales of the Far East.

Guests include
Drummer Naman, Syarm Javer of E-thereal, Clarence Chong of Assault, guitarists Xiluman Satria of Exuberance, Surayah & Jufri of Kraton, Sabazios of Majusiah, Kathir of Rudra, Kael Danish of Aerial, Mus of Kersani, Fatin SerulingLady, Rossana Cavallotto from Sweden, Dracon from Italy and Bo Skullbanger of Chugga Ritual, among others.
Shredguy Michael McDowell contributed the power ballad I’ll Be There For You (dedicated to Miranda Jo Buchholtz).

Twelve tracks of virtuosity will take you on an amazing musical journey. A must for any fan of heavy metal.

It will be available in the Shredguy Records online store on January 24th.