SICK CENTURY new single “A MILLION PIECES” Available Now!

Sick Century

Began in 2019 when Scott Hoon and Marc Kahn started working together on a side project between bands.

The two toyed around with a few demos that would later turn into early singles but the line-up would not be complete until January of 2020 when Nick Black and Brady Hearn joined the band.

Black and Kahn had been friends for a few years while Hearn started off the year touring with All That Remains and Lacuna Coil in band Eximious (with ex-members From Ashes To New).
His decision to move onto Sick Century would come in mid January. Since forming, the band has released multiple singles/ videos, their first radio single,
 “A Million Pieces” and an EP areavailable now!

Sick Century Is:

  • Marc Kahn – Vocals
  • Scott Hoon – Guitar
  • Nick Black – Bass
  • Brady Hearn -Drums
Outer Worlds, Inner Demo