Singer/Songwriter Timea Göghova Drops New Single “Stranded”

Timea Göghova 


“Stranded” Single & Video

Attention all lovers of great music filled with passion and emotion!

Popular singer and songwriter Timea Göghova, who has impressively amassed over 1,300 subscribers on YouTube with her mesmerizing mix of folk, jazz, and world music, has released a new song and video, “Stranded.” Featuring only the guitar accompaniment of Mikail Kuhnert, the strong ballad highlights Göghova’s typically strong vocal performance.

The evocative video brings out just how passionate “Stranded” is, both as a song and as a performance. The television-ready production finds Göghova and Kuhnert in nature, among rocks and brooks, which is fitting considering the natural feel of the song. It also is evocative of “Stranded,” as the track has both the calming and fierce aspects of nature.

Indeed, “Stranded” is a song of empowerment, the strength of the lyrics fitting the vocal and guitar performances. Though “beaten by the tempest,” she shows that she’ll persevere, with both gentleness and strength. “I am made out of steel/go through fire and hail/let it rain down on me” she says with equal parts fight and resilience.

“Stranded” contains multitudes, with both the tenderness of a ballad, accentuated by the solo guitar accompaniment, and the strength and fearlessness of the message of the song. Göghova’s vocal performance also contains both of these aspects. It isn’t necessarily tender, but it is certainly subtle, while also having the force of passion and emotion, putting across the lyrics and feel of the song with great success.

Be sure to check out “Stranded,” and all of Timea Göghova’s other songs and videos, on her YouTube page.

Review by Erik Ritland, US songwriter and journalist

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Timea Göghova is an artist, singer, and songwriter covering several genres, she is singing clean, she screams and she also sings classic. 
Timea is the frontwoman of Still Awake (Melodic Metal) and Passion Control (Jazzfunk) and a singer/songwriter. As a solo artist, she composes ballads and R&B songs. 
Timea’s love for music and singing was already obvious as a child. Her parents got to know each other in a choir, so singing must have been put in her cradle. After living 2,5 years in London, where she also sang in a choir, in 2021 she finally moves to Germany after falling in love with the German language.

Sztárban Sztár Leszek 2022 (TV), Hungary
The Voice of Germany 2021 
Winner of the South German Finals of Emergenza Band contest with Still Awake 2017 
Winner of Heavy Summerbreak Festival 2012 with Infinum (Melodic Metal) 

Timea Göghova – Wild Storm (Album), 2023, upcoming release 
Still Awake – (Album), 2022, upcoming release 
Passion Control – Second Before The First (EP), 2021 
Passion Control – Before The First (EP), 2020 
Still Awake – Still Awake (EP), 2019 
Infinum – Illusions (Album), 2017
Arcana Obscura – 2000 Miles (Album), 2017