Skyblood ‘Skyblood’ Album Review

Skyblood ‘Skyblood’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Napalm Records/Epic Doom Metal

Mats Leven is no stranger to the heavy metal scene; the Swede has fronted both Yngwie Malmsteen and Therion and more recently was the latest in a revolving door of vocalists in Candlemass. Since his departure from Candlemass, Leven has continued work on his solo project Skyblood, releasing his eponymously titled debut album.

Those only acquainted with Leven’s work through Candlemass will be surprised to see that Leven has an exceptional voice and there is very little here with ‘Skyblood’ that gives Leven the chance to use the droning wail that he used in Candlemass. Instead, Leven shows the sheer power hidden within his thorax, this allows ‘Skyblood’ to float somewhere between a classic epic metal sound with a hint of power metal whilst keeping one foot within a doom camp. With the barriers down, Leven is given the freedom to create his own painting; this means that the Swede shows a voice that draws parallels to Axl Rose in its lower register and in a higher register having all the appeal of Manilla Road and Omen which can be seen particularly during ‘The Voice’, ‘One Eye For An Eye’ and ‘Wake Up to the Truth’.

However, ‘Skyblood’ is unfortunately just not that memorable with a few of the songs generally dragging themselves out and becoming rather dull which ultimately leaves ‘Skyblood’ being a little more than average.

Rating : 50/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann