Slay The Sanity – A New Beginning

Slay The Sanity – A New Beginning

Now that more and more metalheads voice their griefs over the long-gone classical MDM works and the modernization of the genre, Narayama, the debut full-length from Russian quintet Slay My Sanity is just what they all need.

Basically, Narayama is a recap of the band’s ten-year existence, featuring songs that were shelved since 2010. Largely because of financial problems, the making of the album was repeatedly postponed. On the other hand, with 10 years of gigs and practice, these guys are in their prime, which is fully demonstrated on Narayama. Heavily inspired by MDM from late 90’s, no clean vocals or synths, this one is a great offer for those who miss old In Flames or Dark Tranquillity.

And yet, Slay My Sanity are not new to the international metal scene. In 2017, they released a very solid EP called Heartbeat of Chaos, praised by media in the US, Sweden, and Germany. Spaniards Rise to Fall and Vikings Degradead were also impressed by these Russian guys as they supported them on their Russian tours.


Founded in 2010 by singer Alex and two guitarists Danil and Dmitry. The lineup was completed a good 2 year later. Because two members were one by one drafted to the military (obligatory in Russia), Slay My Sanity had to suspend their activity for an interval of one year two times.

First gig played in 2012. Supported Mindreaper, Memorain, Rise to Fall, Degraded, and others.

First studio effort was Madness in Disguise, a DIY LP that practically wasted good songs. Two years later, more effort and more money was invested, resulting in Heartbeat of Chaos EP, a warmly greeted release.

Narayama is released in January 2019, mostly made of old songs plus 3 new tracks. The band, again, collaborated with one of Russia’s best sound engineers, which shows.

Alex – voice
Danil and Dmitry – guitars
Andrey- drums
Max – bass