SMALL JACKETS share brand new single “Midnight Town”!

SMALL JACKETS share brand new single “Midnight Town”!

“Just like this!” to be released Dec 17th on Go Down Records

Italian classic rock outfit SMALL JACKETS is gearing up for the release of their brand new studio album, titled “Just Like This!,” to be released on December 17 via Go Down Records. With their refreshing blend of Hard Rock, Blues and straight forward Rock ‘n’ Roll, the band’s upcoming full-length record truly is a ride from the dusty, desert-like atmosphere of the rural South, all the way to the city alleys where funky beats used to reign supreme.

After the already released first two singles “Next Level” and “Getting Higher“, SMALL JACKETS have offered another glimpse of what to expect from the band’s brand new record. Get in the zone and listen to “Midnight Town“, streaming here:

SMALL JACKETS comments:”Midnight Town is an underground world, a place where primal instincts are awakened, a distillation of Love and Madness. A banner of the counterculture, a place where disobedience has its own moral order, directing the life and experiences of every individual that enters it. We could say that Midnight Town is a song composed to show from the height of its insolence the debris of the conformist world and break the routine and indifference of everyday life.

Tracklist:01. Midnight Town
02. Getting Higher 
03. Next Level
04. Breakin’ The Line
05. Funky Crunchy Woman
06. The Jail
07. Movin’ On
08. Get Out Of My Way
09. Celebrate

“Just Like This!” by SMALL JACKETS will be coming out on December 17th via Go Down Records and is available for pre-order here: Colored vinyl II Black vinyl


Mark Oak | Lead vocals, bass
Eddy Current | Lead and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, backing vocals
Danny Savanas | Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Phil Baychans | Lead guitar, backing vocals

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