Social Breakdown warns of the dangers of depression in new single

Social Breakdown has just shared the new single “Yellow September”, released on all streaming platforms by the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records. The track was partly recorded at Porto Produções Musicais studios by Matheus Krempel and partly by the band members, mixed and mastered at Play Rec studio by Nando Bassetto, and is accompanied by a lyric video that is already available on youtube. The band’s new material results in a track with a lot of energy, melodies and aggressiveness, culminating in a sonic melting pot full of personality and a message of help.

Yellow September”:

The music that talks about the daily life of a person with depression, where he can’t see what really makes him happy and to fit in with other people’s standards, he has to pretend to be happy without knowing why. The intention of the composition itself is to alert people about the dangers of depression, where the person next to them is going through difficulties wanting to be helped but not even know how to deal or ask for it, and so that we have more affection and attention to the people we love around us.

The band formed in early 2016 and ended up resulting in a punk rock/skateboard punk with a few hints of alternative rock. In 2017 they recorded the demo, entitled “Nothing Changes If You Don’t Even Try”, at the Sotão studio, in Pirituba, São Paulo. This work resulted in a tour with 32 shows, in various venues and events in São Paulo, ABC Paulista and Baixada Santista. The band’s second record, the EP “Just My Lazy Way To Be”, is a more mature and consistent work. The one-year process, between pre-production and recording, results in four songs with a lot of energy and melodies and aggressiveness. The album was recorded at Porto Produções Musicais in São Paulo, and the mix/master was done by Raul Zanardo. The band’s current line-up has Tom on vocals and bass, Danilo Bizarro and Thiago Santo on guitars and Leandro Cardozo on drums.