The fifth full length studio album from established UK thrashers SolitaryEmbrace The Darkness, will be unleashed on August 23rd, but to satisfy the rabid metal maniacs who are waiting with slavering jaws for its arrival, the band have unveiled a second single and accompanying video, ‘Filtering Hindsight‘. The song, rife with huge riffs, driving rhythms, addictive melodies and ensnaring hooks, sees Solitary looking back in anger to the dark days of the global pandemic – the destructive lockdowns, the gross mismanagement, the corruption and flaunting of the law by those who were supposed to lead by example. Rich Sherrington, Solitary frontman reflects on the writing of the song…

“‘Filtering Hindsight’, for me, definitely has a Black AlbumMetallica vibe about it, which adds a nice depth to the album as a whole. In terms of the words, I came up with the opening line initially – ‘when you look at it now, do you like what you see’ – and then had to decide on the path the song would follow, what would come next. At the time I was writing, the controversy surrounding ‘Party Gate’ was all kicking off, so it seemed the perfect topic to tackle given that first line of lyrics and the title I had chosen for the song.”

Watch the new video for ‘Filtering Hindsight’ at the Solitary YouTube channel now!

Embrace The Darkness, produced by Simon Efemey (Napalm DeathParadise Lost etc) and featuring cover artwork by Koot (The AlmightySaxon etc) will be released on August 23rd on CD, Vinyl and digital formats. A full range of Embrace The Darkness merch and pre-order bundles can be found here.

Solitary will also be hitting the road for the Embrace The Darkness tour. Click here to find dates near you and all ticket details.

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