Sophie’s Threat expands into a propulsive blend of aggression and dynamic hooks

Credits: Michel Villares

Sophie’s Threat expands into a propulsive blend of aggression and dynamic hooks resulting in a modern death metal assault of brutal proportions

Following the brutal sequence of great releases, the Melodic Death/Thrash Metal Brazilian band SOPHIE’S THREAT released on Friday, February 3, the new single “Poison” on all digital platforms.

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Produced, mixed and mastered by Michel Villares(
Cover art by Tiago Carteano

After their explosive debut with the chaotic single “Infernal Manipulation”, a necessary line-up restructuring with Malu Sales (vocals), Tiago Carteano (drums), Ricardo Oliveira (guitar), Marcão (guitar) and Paulo R. ‘Satan” (bass) gave birth to three brutal and heavy new tracks which were not only very well accepted by the fans and critics, but also reached expressive numbers of listeners.

The heavy and conceptual “Suicidal God”, based on the story of the American schizophrenic psychopath Joseph Kallinger, the most old school Death Metal “Speaking Of The Devil”, a self-criticism to the human being and their hypocrisies, and, now, the more modern and full of groove “Poison” complete the apocalypse trinity of this line-up.

While keeping the band’s essence of the good old melodic Death Metal, “Poison” introduces a more modern and groovy side, including a deep thematic that talks about how the human being searches for alternative ways to become someone more functional and efficient. In the band’s words: “We live in a society where self-reliance is seen as synonymous with success, and showing feelings is often seen as weakness. We are asked to have emotional balance, but ups and downs are not well seen, and we must be true robots, so we end up looking for alternatives to keep us well and end up, many times, not being ourselves”.

Also following the steps of their previous releases, “Poison” had as a “second release”, two days later, on a Brazilian radio-program hosted by Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kissser, called Pegadas de Andreas Kisser, from 89FM Radio (Sao Paulo) last sunday, February 5th, and Tiago Carteano commented: “It is always a pleasure to participate on Andreas’ show. Besides being fans of him, of Sepultura, and, of course, of his radio-program, to be able to play on one of the biggest radios in Brazil is a huge accomplishment. Thanks to our press office JZ Press and the production of the show for the opportunity”.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, “Poison” is the last appearance of guitarist Marcão as an official member of Sophie’s Threat. In his place, the band has already recruited the experienced guitarist Rodrigo Godoy, who will already appear in the band’s next single to be released very soon.

“My history in extreme metal started early through the influence of my older brother and friends. At school I was already wearing inverted crosses (laughs) and listening to Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir and Cannibal Corpse a lot. Today I also work as a guitar and guitar teacher at the Academia do Rock (@academiadorocksbc), in São Bernardo/SP – the same school where Tiago Carteano gives drum classes, where I met him. It’s a great pleasure to be part of Sophie’s Threat, a band that I really like and clearly shows us a huge potential”, commented Rodrigo Godoy.

At the moment, apart from participating in the Roadie Crew Online Fest on Friday March 10th, the band is finishing another single and is also about to release on its official Youtube channel some live tracks recorded at Carnarock 2023 Festival and a lyric video for “Poison”. Subscribe and don’t miss out!

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Formed in Sao Paulo by musicians Tiago Carteano (drums) and Ricardo Oliveira (guitar), was baptized with this name as a reference to the Sophia Robot, which can reproduce 62 facial expressions and being designed to learn to work among us humans, adapting to our behaviors. This robot is the first humanoid to receive citizenship from a country (Saudi Arabia) and when asked in an interview if it would destroy humanity it surprised everyone by saying ‘yes’!

From this concept came the idea for the band’s name, a way its members found to criticize how fast the technological growth can destroy its creator without thinking about the consequences. With bold lyrics that face the present day, a lot of heavyness, striking riffs and a competent mix of Thrash with Melodic Death Metal, Sophie’s Threat have shown a lot of efficiency, seriousness and quality in all singles released not suitable for sensitive ears, and promise much more for their long awaited debut 5-track EP, scheduled for the first half of 2023. Stay tuned, because the words of chaos have yet to be fully echoed!


“Infernal Manipulation” (Single/2022)
“Suicidal God” (Single/2022)
“Speaking Of The Devil” (Single/2022)
“Poison” (Single/2023)


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