Sounds Of Hell Presents : Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal band ILL

Ill is an Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal band that rose from the ashes of Quaedt in 2013, enforced with former Natan members. Natan and Quaedt both played a lot of shows around Europe, also with big bands like Dark Funeral, Secrets Of The Moon, Ad Hominem, Nargaroth, Eluveitie, and a lot more…

After Ill’s debut album “Tabescas Utinam dei Volentibus”(2015, Clenched Fist Records), they had some set-backs due to a burned down rehearsal room and some line-up changes.

Ill finally released their self-titled album in 2021 via Sounds Of Hell Records. The album was recorded in the corona lockdown in 2020. The songs for the album were written by guitarists Dood & DaniHell, the musical composition and arrangements by the complete band. The lyrics for this album are written by vocalist Vladimir, and deal with dark visions and inner struggles like addictions and the urge to kill.

Ill played some exclusive shows in Belgium and Germany through the years, with bands like Valborg, Ostrogoth, Gamma Bomb, Sardonis, Natan, Mother, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Marche Funèbre, Necrotic Woods, Myrkvid, ...

They are the host band for Bokkenrijderfest, a local underground fest for Black, Doom, Sludge, Gaze, Post Rock/Metal, …
Ill is all about atmosphere, and prefers quality over quantity.

01 – Vermoorden
02 – Morgendood
03 – Vals ontwaakt
04 – De drang
05 – Marche funebre

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