STEREO TRAGEDY Sign With Split Screen Management

STEREO TRAGEDY Sign With Split Screen Management, Announce Debut Album, Ft. Bjorn “Speed” Strid on Vocals, First Single Coming!

Split Screen Management has a huge pleasure to announce the signing of the Los Angeles based metalcore rockers STEREO TRAGEDY! Furthermore the band unveils that their self-titled debut album will come out end of summer/early fall 2021, feat. Bjorn “Speed” Strid on vocals. In addition, ST’s first single will be unleashed soon.

Watch the band’s announcement promo video here:

The band on signing:
“Stereo Tragedy is pleased to announce its signing with Split-Screen Management & Productions!  
With an extensive background in management, promotions, booking, and film production, Split Screen seemed to be a “one-stop-shop” that could truly handle the introduction of the band, as well as steer us in the right direction as we begin this exciting journey!

“They were confident, responded in a timely fashion, and were very kind and professional.  They’ve made modifications for their bands due to the pandemic and I could see they were “forward-thinking” so it made it a pretty easy decision to do business with them.” says Jacob, guitarist of the band.

“Now managed by Split-Screen, fans can expect a release of the debut album (out end of summer/early fall 2021) and should be looking for Stereo Tragedy to be in a city near you in Spring of 2022!”

Split Screen adds:
“We’re excited to work with ST. These hard-working guys have great potential to conquer the stages wherever they play. The fans can expect big things to come. Stay tuned!”

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Stereo Tragedy was birthed 4 July 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after Jacob Bibee (guitarist, former Sever Your Ties) had a conversation reminiscing of the olden days in the metal scene with James “jimbo” Thomas.  Following that conversation, another conversation was had with Amanda, Jacob’s wife, and it was evident that it was time for Jacob to make his reemergence into the music world after a 15 year hiatus.

After 6 months later, after many sleepless nights in the studio and intense composition trying to hone the correct sound for the band, the pandemic hit and the music industry essentially shut down.  Jacob being solution oriented, decided to find a way that this whole world meltdown could be beneficial, and that’s when it happened.

Jacob noticed the infamous Bjorn “Speed” Strid post on social media that his bands (Soilwork, Donna Cannone, The Night Flight Orchestra) would no longer be touring for the foreseeable future.  Jacob knew that Bjorn had often done guest appearances for bands, but Jacob decided to push the idea of Bjorn actually doing the entire album.  After hearing a few songs, Bjorn agreed to do the album as a guest appearance, not as a permanent member, as he is completely busy and in step with his many great projects.

As the project began to unfold, it was time to bring in trusted and respected members into the fold.  Jacob then contacted none other than Matt Cohen (bassist, NEW LANGUAGE) and Ryan Severino (drummer, former Scars Of Tomorrow).  This was a very easy decision to contact these two as Jacob and Ryan played in a band in South Orange County, CA in the early 2000s, and Matt Cohen’s old bands used to share the stage with Jacob and Ryans bands back then as well.

With the agreement of Matt and Ryan to come on board, and a complete shutdown in Jacobs business ventures due in part to Covid-19, Jacob packed his bags and headed back to his great state of California to be closer to Matt and Ryan in Southern California.

The self-titled debut album was completed in Spring of 2021 and was mixed and mastered by none other than Thomas “Plec” Johansson of The Panic Room in Sweden.  The album is set to release late summer 2021.

Once the album has been released, the band will then fill and announce the members of the two remaining roles: vocalist and guitarist.