Stoned Rocka’s Son of Boar Host Premiere for New Video


Stoned Rocka’s very own Son Of Boar are proud to release their new video

Ahead of Idlefest 10 Son Of Boar will be premiering a live-in-the-studio video of their latest tune Darkest Light! It’s one of their favourite songs from their latest batch. The new track will feature on their yet to be recorded second album, and is a tease of what’s to come on their second outing! It’s dark, Doomy, and heavy. What more could you want?

Album Title: Son Of Boar
Track Listing
Stoned Wail [09:06]
All In Your Head [04:07]
Satanic Panic [05:35]
Snakes And Daggers [06:29]
Cities Of The Deadeyed Priestess [05:55]
Writing credits: All songs written by Son Of Boar, which is; Gareth Bates, Lyndon Birchall, Luke Doran, Luke Oliver, Adam Waddell.

About Son of Boar
Entering the live music scene in April 2018, Son Of Boar quickly began to earn their place on stages across the country with a blend of heavy, groovy riffs, roaring vocals and head-banging rhythms.
Less a supergroup and more a Frankenstein’s monster stitched together from musicians of various local acts, the body parts were collected and the shambling mass gathered itself in darkened rehearsal rooms to create a sound as equally mixed up as it’s members; bringing together a mix of 70’s rock, groove, Doom, and modern Stoner—Sludge into one sonic brew.

After giving the songs time to ferment the band hit the road, squeezing in as many gigs as they could be-fore the end of the first year and following it up with a busy 2019. 2020 was set to be another great year with 18 shows already booked before the world ended. The year was launched with Siege Of Albion shared tour with friends Everest Queen and was set to be followed up with multiple festival shows including now-cancelled Riffolution, Heaven & Hell Fest, Manorfest, Stonebaked, Sophiefest and the band’s first foray to European shores. Unfortunately all scuppered by COVID.

But the band didn’t rest. Having recorded a debut album in early 2020 the band have now teamed up with Stoned Rocka Recordings, part of the Off Yer Rocka family, with label manager John (a.k.a Atom Heart Mutha) providing a direct link to the famous Hard Rock Hell festivals, the band are set to release their self-titled debut in April, with follow-up shows already booked for later in the year when rules are relaxed.

Son Of Boar are:
Gareth Bates – BASS
Lyndon Birchall – GUITAR
Luke Doran – DRUMS
Luke Oliver – VOCALS
Adam Waddell – GUITAR

Flying the flag as one of the best emerging heavy doom bands, and with smoke swirling around some very cool stoner flourishes, Son of Boar may well emerge from being strong competition to stand out as leaders of the pack. Despite all that 2020 brought with it, Son Of Boar remains undeterred whilst they stomp their way to the forefront with the heaviest of riffs, dopest of grooves and the confidence and swagger of the heavy beast that they are. Son Of Boar surges forward with their tusks up with every second of this superb debut album.

Fans can save, buy or stream the entire album here: