STORMSINKER Release Anthemic New Single ‘Silence After The Mode’

Melbourne Alt-Metallers Release Anthemic New Single ‘Silence After The Mode’

Hailing from Melbourne, Stormsinker, are an Alt-Metal band showcasing a tasteful cross-section of grunge, heavy rock and metal genres.  Their latest single ‘Silence After The Mode’ is a high-octane rock anthem that is sure to leave the listener craving more! 

This energetic release is a melting pot of crushing riffs, irresistible grooves, and powerhouse Eddie Vedder-esque vocals packed into a taut duration of just over 4 minutes. Featuring high-energy instrumentation bolstering catchy melodies, this offering is brimming with passion and adrenaline throughout the entirety of the song.

Guitarist George Adam speaks: “This song is about the feel you get when everyone is pulling you in different directions and you just want to be left alone. The harder the pull, the worse the feeling gets”

With this track, Stormsinker are unleashing their war cry in all its rousing rage and glory to make sure that the Metal World hears it loud and clear.


Produced and Mastered by Michael Gonthier, Shredd Studios
Artwork by The Artist Liam Brazier, UK
Music Video by Stormsinker