Strych:9 pushing the boundaries with a hard-hitting music video

Having been a eye-catching phenomenon in a local scene while being active for less than a couple of years, Strych:9 is testing the limits with a raw experience on how to handle being a Pretty Boy 

“The most forthcoming emotions through this video are humility and self-hatred. Whole storyline has been greatly influenced by the assassination of world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace by serial killer Cunanan back in 1997,” said the bands bassist Jüri Kallas.

Guitarist Ants Reiu added: “Pretty Boy as a song on its own has been a sort of an undiscovered pearl for us, as initially we didn’t really pay much attention to it. Throughout the past year the song grew on us and on our listeres as well, making it worthwhile for us to show the story of the song in a video format. Jüri brought out the concept behind the video earlier, but viewers with trained eyes and ears definitely spot the fact that the lyrics and the video don’t match with one-another. They don’t have to! We left the viewers enough room to use their fantasy, so everyone could enjoy their own interpretation.” 

Strych:9 is a five-piece heavy music group founded in Estonia in 2018, whose music is characterized by a peculiar mixture of nu-, death– and industrial metal. The newly released music video for track Pretty Boy is a part of the bands debut album “Parasiit” released back in spring 2021. 

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